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Food ordering systems for restaurants, takeaways

Are you looking for an online food ordering solution for your restaurant or takeaway?. Are you worried about sharing a good percentage of your order price with the existing food ordering platforms? FoodDay presents single restaurant food ordering application which helps to build your own food ordering website exclusively for your restaurant or takeaway. Build your own website and receive unlimited orders with no additional cost per orders.

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Your Own Website

An intuitive, easy-to-use website that lists menus, delivery areas and delivery options simplifies the order process for your restaurant’s customers.

Admin Dashboard

Monitor your restaurant’s operations with a single dashboard. Focus on the key order delivery metrics that drive revenue and profitability.

Customize the Delivery Zones

Streamline the process of getting food to your customers by making it easier to match orders with specific delivery zones.

Store Configuration

Create a unique storefront that’s configured to the needs of your restaurant. Add a logo, delivery times or contact information.

Social Media Integration

Leverage the power of word-of-mouth on social networks such as Facebook to surface trends and get closer to the customer.

Unlimited Dishes

Scale your restaurant quickly. With no limit on the number of dishes, you can experiment with new dishes and combinations.

SMS & Email Notifications

Enable your restaurant’s customers to receive timely email or SMS notifications to alert them of order confirmations, cancellations or changes.

Unlimited Orders

Enable your team to handle high-volume periods effectively. With unlimited orders, you can grow your business easily without unnecessary constraints.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that your restaurant appears at the top of search results. Every food ordering website has been optimized for search.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Make the online payment process for customers as seamless as possible by enabling them to use several different payment types.

Custom CMS

Create a customized content management system that enables you to keep track of every aspect of the order delivery process.

Easy Checkout

Streamline the process of placing an order and then paying for it. Avoid abandoned orders caused by confusing, slow checkouts.

Responsive Website

Enable your customers to manage the order delivery process via mobile. Get menus and delivery information via smartphone or tablet.

Coupon Management

Promote your restaurant easily and effectively with a coupon management tool that can be used to process promotions and offers.


Update your customers with news about your restaurant’s offerings with an easy-to-use blog feature that can be updated as needed.

Customer Support

Get access to a team of IT professionals who can help you with any issue in your order delivery process.

Application Screenshots

Take a look at some of the screenshots of FoodDay Single Restaurant food ordering application. It comes with all the essential features to take your restaurant online.

ordering system for restaurants screen
ordering system for restaurants screen
ordering system for restaurants screen
ordering system for restaurants screen
ordering system for restaurants screen

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