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multi restaurant food ordering system

Multi restaurant food ordering systems

Food ordering industry is the one which has a huge potential. According to the research by Morgan Stanley, online food delivery comprises only less than 5 percent of the total restaurant industry. If you are planning to start a multi-restaurant food ordering application or food ordering platform like that of FoodPanda, Just Eat, GrubHub, Delivery Hero or Deliveroo, we at FoodDay are happy to introduce our muti-restaurant food ordering version which is having similar features.

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food ordering system

Food ordering systems for restaurants, takeaways and caterers

Are you looking for an online food ordering solution for your restaurant or takeaway? Are you worried about sharing a good percentage of your order price with the existing food ordering platforms? FoodDay presents single restaurant food ordering application which helps to build your own food ordering website exclusively for your restaurant or takeaway. Build your own website and receive unlimited orders with no additional cost per orders.

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food ordering chatbot

Food Ordering Chatbots

Users are spending more time on messaging applications than they spend on websites or on any other mobile applications. Having a food ordering chatbot can help your business to utilize this potential by reaching to where your customers are. Food ordering chatbots makes it as easy as possible for customers to order food from you, directly with your own custom food ordering chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Food ordering chatbots can work just like any other food ordering systems. They can display your menu, and customers can select their meals from them. Customers can also select the delivery preference, with time and location. They can also pay online. This is convenient for customers since they won’t need to download a new app or register for a new account and it’s precisely why bots are replacing apps, providing the same functionality but within a familiar interface.

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multi restaurant food ordering app

Mobile App for ordering platform

FoodDay MultiRestaurant Android app allows customer to order food from a group of restaurants in a particular area.

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ordering app for restaurants

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

FoodDay Single Restaurant, allows customer to order food from a particular restaurant, track the orders.

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order receiving app

Receive online orders on your smartphone

FoodDay -Ordering receiving android app helps the restaurant to manage orders, and sort it on the basis of pending and processing.

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order taking app for restaurants

Order Taking App for Restaurants

FoodDay Order Taking android app, is designed for restaurant waiters for taking orders from the customer. It supports both Take away and On Table orders.

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