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Food Ordering Chatbots

Users are spending more time on messaging applications than they spend on websites or on any other mobile applications. Having a food ordering chatbot can help your business to utilize this potential by reaching to where your customers are. Food ordering chatbots makes it as easy as possible for customers to order food from you, directly with your own custom food ordering chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Food ordering chatbots can work just like any other food ordering systems. They can display your menu, and customers can select their meals from them. Customers can also select the delivery preference, with time and location. They can also pay online. This is convenient for customers since they won’t need to download a new app or register for a new account and it’s precisely why bots are replacing apps, providing the same functionality but within a familiar interface.

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How it Works

Enjoy Food


Browse Categories

Food items are placed under different categories and displeyed as cards, making it easy to browse a particular food.

View Receipt

After placing order user can view the complete order details as receipt which displayed as a card.

Cart Management

Users at any time can view their cart using the button or by just typing "show cart" or "cart". They can remove an item from cart or clear the cart as a whole.

Place Order

On order placing user can select an option from "delivery" or "pickup". Then user have to enter address details and click "Place Order" button. The payment method is Cash on delivery.

Natural Language Input

Users can interact with the bot either using buttons and cards or by simply typing the desired action (eg: show cart, show products, clear cart, add 1 Pepperoni pizza to cart etc)

View Food item

Each food item in a category are displayed as a card with an image of the item and a short description of it. View a detailed description of the item or add the item to cart using button clicks.

Chatbot Screenshots

Take a look at some of the screenshots of FoodDay Food Ordering Chatbot. Build an AI powered chatbot for you restaurant that can promote your business and also increase your sales.

food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen
food ordering chatbot screen

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