Visualization of online restaurant menu

Visualization of online restaurant menu

A few years back our mission is to create a simple and eye catching food ordering experience. FoodDay is the one of the best online food ordering system for restaurants and the complete solution for online and offline needs of Restaurants. Although people are happy and the feedback is positive, we felt we should do even more.

Now a days peoples approach towards the dining in restaurant has been changed. People are looking for some online food ordering website or system. To catch the attention of auditions to our food ordering website, we must concentrate our effort in the visualization of food ordering menu.

Visual Online Restaurant Menu Leads to Great Traffic and Sale

If you run an eating house, bar or café you recognize however vital your menu is. It’s the primary introduction to your food that a client gets and having nice footage will create a world of distinction. During this school of thought place that we tend to board, in a very town jam-packed with tourists and international business travelers not all of whom speak or understand English, however does one attract them into your food institution with ease? Everybody will perceive a photograph; the phrase “people eat with their eyes” has been very relevant. The customer prefer to see a photograph of their food before they order so that they apprehend precisely what they’re obtaining, and for those from a unique culture who aren’t aware of your kind of dishes this is often even additional vital.

What about the mobile and Facebook menu?

Everything that you setup in the menu configurator will be displayed identical in your website widget and Facebook menu. Go wild, there are no restrictions!

The pictures also work on mobile. They are optimized to fit the smaller screen without hindering the ordering itself. Even the individual item pictures are beautifully displayed.

No matter wherever the client is ordering from, he/she gets a true time confirmation of the order, with the calculable delivery or pickup time. During this confirmation screen we are showing your theme image. An innocent share button, the client brags on Facebook, and there you have it: your stunning image is back on-line, attracting new hungry customers.

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