Smart-way to Link your Restaurant Online Ordering System

Smart-way to Link your Restaurant Online Ordering System

A Facebook business page is one of the most important routine that must have for any restaurant. For your clients it’s a freedom or a place to relax and for you it’s an opportunity to create some appetite. Good quality photos are incredibly powerful to catch the traffic direction to the website and you should get into that routine of posting. Make yourself engaged through your post and make sure that your restaurant ordering app gets the most of your traffic.

Your Online restaurant space with FoodDay

You can place restaurant ordering buttons like “Shop Now” in the Facebook business page. Once client click on the button they can see their well organized menu and they can order their menu via “Shop Now” button. Ordering is smart and the user doesn’t have to wandering here and there to have their food. With the new two button installation, a new Facebook tab appears with page 4 buttons shown up front. We must use them wisely.

Now menu is well organized and exposed to client, it’s your job to engage the business page with your offers and mouth watering images of your dishes. Take your effort to place the menu right and you will be awarded with orders.

Post, post and post

Yes, you need to get engaged in posting at least once per day. Promote your up to date dishes, happy hours specials… you name it. Share your eye catching dishes and be visual. Facebook is a great business place for sharing images, especially of food.

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