We offer a wide range of online food ordering solutions, ranging from food ordering platforms to single restaurant food ordering websites. We also provide food ordering mobile Apps and Chatbots.

We know that every business is unique and therefore we are also providing custom-tailored food ordering solutions to meet the unique business needs.

Recent Projects Completed

Multi restaurants food ordering systems

When you start building your food stores on our platform, you also enjoy the benefits of flexibility in creating multiple restaurants as you desire. Thus this platform supports unlimited number of restaurants and direct link to access each restaurant - helping you to make more profits in the short & long run.

Custom branded mobile apps for your restaurants

Let restaurants start their custom-branded apps. Now restaurants can launch custom-branded hybrid mobile apps to connect with and engage their customers. FoodDay Whitelabel apps offer features such as restaurant information, menu management, book table, push notifications, Google map, gallery etc.

Receive online orders on your smartphone

Now transform your smartphone into an order-receiving system and manage your online orders easily. You can receive orders from your website. You can have audible notifications whenever you receive a new order. Accept or reject orders instantly with the touch of a single button. Get today’s sales report, pending orders and all order for the whole day.

Food ordering systems for restaurants, takeaways and caterers

Are you looking for an online food ordering solution for your restaurant or takeaway?. Are you worried about sharing a good percentage of your order price with the existing food ordering platforms? FoodDay presents single restaurant food ordering application which helps to build your own food ordering website exclusively for your restaurant or takeaway. Build your own website and receive unlimited orders with no additional cost per orders.

Ready to promote your restaurants online?

We make it really simple for you to integrate online ordering to your business and we offer unlimited features to choose from.